Live Love Life Foundation

Live Love Life Foundation is a non-profit organization that deals with mental health issues. It was founded by Veshakha Gulati as a non-profit NGO to bring awareness to mental health in India to prevent suicides.
What Others Say About US

What Others Say About US

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.

We all want to be loved and accepted, but this most human desire to connect and belong can hamper us when we let the opinions of others decide how we ought to live our lives.

Pursuing our own passions can seem a lonely road in the short run, and it carries the risk of sometimes alienating those we love. Yet if we allow our courage and self-love to speak louder than our fears, we ultimately learn that the road we thought “harder” — that of harnessing our unique potential without regard to the pressures and opinions of others — is the only one that can lead to success and fulfillment.

And it’s the only road that leads to true connection as well, built on the support and cherishing of your differences that lie at the heart of all genuine affection.

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