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Live Love Life Foundation is a non-profit organization that deals with mental health issues. It was founded by Veshakha Gulati as a non-profit NGO to bring awareness to mental health in India to prevent suicides.
Ayurveda for Depression Relief

Ayurveda for Depression Relief

How Ayurveda Treats Depression

Depression will affect everyone differently, and so you must treat each type of depression differently too. From the perspective of Ayurveda, depression comes in three types, each treated differently. It all depends on your dosha, the type of energy that makes up your being, these energies define a person’s make up, how they act, react and their minds and bodies are connected. There are 3 mind-body types – vata, pitta or kapha. In brief, we can say that in certain conditions, vata from the colon, pitta from the intestine or kapha from the stomach enters the general circulation and lodges in the nervous system, interfering with its functioning.


The feelings generally associated with vata-type depression are fear, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia. If you are a Vata dosha here is how to treat depression with ayurveda:

  • Holy basil (tulsi) and sage tea. Drink twice a day
  • Nose drops of warm sesame oil (3-5 drops in each nostril). Morning and evening on an empty stomach.
  • Rubbing the top of the head and the soles of the fee with sesame oil
  • Vata depression is sustained by loneliness. Try spending as much time as possible with other people

Pitta depression can become very serious and dangerous, associated with suicidal thoughts – in which case it is necessary to consult a doctor. The feelings associated with this type of depression are anger, fear of failure or losing control. Pitta personalities are vulnerable to seasonal affective disorder – a mild form of depression occurring in winter. If you are a Pitta dosha here is how to treat depression with ayurveda:

  • Rub coconut oil onto your scalp and the soles of the feet just before bedtime.
  • Drink ginko tea 2-3 times a day
  • Use brahmi ghee nose drops on an empty stomach – 3 – 5 drops in each nostril
  • Meditate, even as little as a few minutes a day can be very helpful

Kapha depression is associated with a feeling of heaviness – manifested in excess sleep, drowsiness, weight gain and overall sluggishness. If you are a Kapha dosha here is how to treat depression with ayurveda:

  • Fasting for 3- 4 days to release toxins
  • Endurance exercise
  • Ginger tea (ginger powder diluted in hot water) twice a day
  • Try punarnava ghee nasal drops – twice a day, 5 drops in each nostril
  • Sun Salutation – 12 repetitions a day